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  Silicosis Prevention

Prevent silicosis

Concrete grinding dust can cause silicosis, an incurable disease of the lungs- learn how to prevent it

"Silicosis (also known as Grinder's disease and Potter's rot) is a form of occupational lung disease caused by inhalation of crystalline silica dust..."Wikipedia

Protection before grinding by Tami Tooltips

These are the most common causes of airborne concrete grinding dust: 

1. Dry grinding or cutting without a dust collection system

2. Leaky dust shrouds caused by - poor shroud design, or worn and torn dust shroud seals, or incorrectly adjusted dust shroud seals

4. Low airflow dust collection systems that are either too small or have blocked filters

5. Not containing dust in a bag for disposal and open air emptying of dust collection containers

6. Open air cleaning of dust collector filters

7. Sweeping dusty floors

Here is how to prevent concrete grinding dust

Silicosis prevention can be improved by using the best dust shrouds available, checking your vacuum filters every 5-10 mins with small dust collectors and whenever any dust begins to escape from the grinding process. Use an adequately sized dust collector for the seal area of your shroud.

Corner shroud

To control airborne concrete grinding dust never sweep bare or ground concrete floors, instead use a vacuum to pick up dust and debris. Fit a plastic bag to your dust collector base where possible or empty the base into a plastic bag so that the bag can be sealed for clean disposal without airborne dust.

Use a dust collector with self cleaning filters to avoid shaking filters in the open air to clean them. Compressed air should never be used to clean concrete dust from filters.

Dust collector with single motor vacuum

Watch self cleaning filters

Quality dust shrouds are essential to help prevent silicosis

Steel dust shroud with semi-sealed edging feature

The steel constructed Hoverhood and Cornerhood dust shrouds for angle grinders have many features not found in other shrouds that prevent concrete dust from escaping while grinding. They are specifically designed for the purpose and do not require a high-powered dust collector for them to perform properly.

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